Malrubà - il biscotto creato dagli allievi di Sostenibilità della Filiera Food dell'ITS Agroalimentare Piemonte


MALRUBÁ is a product with sustainable values ​​created with ingredients that comes from the Italian territory.

It respects the THREE values ​​of sustainability, from the production of raw materials to the consumer:




Malrubà - il biscotto creato dagli allievi di Sostenibilità della Filiera Food dell'ITS Agroalimentare Piemonte

Malrubà biscuit is a product that aims to rediscover lost ingredients such as carob and hemp, products of the territory and the use of raw materials conventionally used in savory cooking to create a sweet cream.

A soft shortbread for every moment of the day, the right compromise between a healthy product and a sweet daily treat for those who want to indulge in a deliciously healthy moment.

"Malrubà" is a biscuit made with hemp flour and stuffed with a cream based on legumes and carob, with a high protein and fiber content. It is a product without constituents of animal origin.

It represents the Italian spirit through the use of ingredients strictly linked to the national territory "forgotten and rediscovered" such as Sicilian carob and Piedmontese hemp.


Carrubo - ingredienti Malrubà


CAROB is a rustic plant that adapts to any type of soil. It requires a minimum amount of fertilizer and plant protection products.

Canapa - ingredienti Malrubà


HEMP is a plant that grows quickly and requires little
water. It absorbs more anhydride than any other widely consumed crop.

Fagioli - ingredienti Malrubà


BEANS, being leguminous, enrich the soil as they are nitrogen-fixing agents.


Malrubà Biscotto - Packaging - Its Agroalimentare Piemonte

Designed and made with recyclable, compostable and sustainable materials: made of FSC recycled paper and bioplastic film.

A ‘easy to build’ packaging to reduce processing and consequently the resources used were limited.

The choice of very light materials allow us to reduce the emissions related to transport.

Zero Waste - Riciclo - Biscotto Malrubà Its agroaliementare Piemonte

Zero Waste

Reuse of bean cooking water to make the cream.

Following the principle of circular cooking and zero waste, the peel of the beans obtained is designed for use in the feed and food & beverage world.




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